Causes and prevention methods of FPC overflow

1. Spilled glue is caused by the manufacturing process
Then, FPC flexible circuit board manufacturers should strictly check the material incoming materials. If the spilled rubber exceeds the standard for incoming inspection, please contact the supplier for a return, otherwise it will be difficult to control the overflow during production.
2. Spilled glue is caused by the storage environment
FPC flexible circuit board manufacturers should set up a special freezer to store the protective film. If the CL glue is wet due to failure of storage conditions, CL pre-baking can be used to improve CL overflow. In addition, the CL that was not used that day needs to be put back into the refrigerator in time.
3. Local overflow caused by independent small PAD position
This phenomenon is one of the most common quality anomalies encountered by most FPC flexible circuit board manufacturers in China. If the process parameters are changed only to solve the overflow, new problems such as bubbles or insufficient peel strength are brought about. It is reasonable to adjust the process parameters.
4. Overflow glue brought by operation mode
When the FPC flexible circuit board is super-synthesized, it is necessary to precisely align the personnel, correct the alignment jig, and increase the inspection strength of the alignment to avoid overflow due to misalignment. At the same time, "5S" should be done when pressing the pseudo joint. Before the calibration, it is checked whether the protective film CL is contaminated and if there is a burr.