Ceramic pcb and clay pcb difference

1. A ceramic pcb

       Ceramic plates are highly resistant to weathering, regardless of sunshine, rain (even acid rain), or moisture on the surface and the substrate has no effect. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation and color stability fully meet the international gray level 4-5. Also, large or rapid temperature changes do not affect the properties and appearance of the material. Bending strength and elasticity of the reasonable combination of the ceramic plate has a high impact strength. Dense surface of the material so that dust is not easy to adhere to make it easier to clean. Ceramic plate has excellent fire resistance, it will not melt, drip or explosion, and can be stable for a long time. Ceramic plates are easy to maintain and require no paint or protective finish on both the surface and the cutting edges.

2. Clay pcb

        It is made of natural clay without adding any other components. It is made by high pressure extrusion, low temperature drying and high temperature firing from 1200 ℃ to 1250 ℃. It is green and no radiation. , Color and mild, does not bring light pollution and so on. Clay plate in the calcined baked out of the moment, there will be laser quality detector, do not meet the product directly recycled again processing. Qualified products by cutting length, and then supply the market after packaging.

3. Differences

       The main ingredients of both materials are clay, are extruded from high temperature firing.

       The raw material of the clay board is pure natural clay, without other ingredients, so the water absorption rate is too high, its greater strength and hardness is completely formed by the extrusion of high-tech equipment, high technology, complex technology, cost High, but the brittleness of small, good machinability, not easy to collapse edge.

      Ceramic plate is the main raw material of clay, but in order to increase the strength and hardness and adding a large number of quartz sand and other materials, solid and low water absorption, the process is relatively simple, low cost, but relatively large brittle.