China's PCB company's automobile business

The main revenue increment of many PCB manufacturers comes from the automotive board

In recent years, the proportion of automotive business of A-share listed PCB manufacturers has increased significantly. A number of PCB manufacturers have accounted for more than 25% of the automotive business, and the automotive business accounted for the majority of revenue growth.

Judging from the absolute number of auto business, Hudian and Eton Electronics expect that the revenue of auto business in 2018 will exceed 1.3 billion yuan, and there will be 5 auto PCB business in listed companies reaching 500 million yuan, 2 more than in 2017. Family. Among them, Hudian shares ranked 10th in the global automotive PCB business in 2017.

In 2018, the total business of the top 6 A-share listed companies in the automotive PCB business reached 5.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.7%, and the growth rate continued to expand compared with 29.1% in 2017. Among them, the growth of the automotive business is faster, including Oscom, Bomin Electronics, Shenghong Technology and Jingwang Electronics.

In 2018, the total of the top 6 A-share listed companies in the automotive PCB business accounted for 23.9% of the total revenue, which was a significant increase from the 22.1% in 2017 and continued to be much higher than the market. According to statistics from the electronics industry consulting firm Prismark, global automotive PCB account for about 10% of all PCB applications.

From the contribution rate of auto business increment to total revenue increment, the total contribution rate of the top 6 A-share auto PCB in 2018 is 31.1%, which is significantly higher than the level of major PCB manufacturers in the world.

Among them, all of Eaton’s new revenues were contributed by the automotive business (other business contracted), and the contribution rate of the automotive business to the growth of Oscom and Hudian’s revenues also reached 79% and 29% respectively.

China PCB enterprise car business layout is perfect

In the field of PCB for new energy vehicles and millimeter wave radars, domestic manufacturers have not formed a scale for the time being, and there is a certain gap compared with international leading companies. However, in recent years, there have also been certain breakthroughs, mainly reflected in:

Hudian shares acquired the production capacity of new energy vehicle powertrain PCB and millimeter wave radar high frequency PCB through participation in Schweizer. Many projects have entered mass production; Jingwang Electronics and Aoshikang's high frequency PCB began to be supplied in small quantities. Goods, Eton Electronics is cooperating with downstream development; Shenghong Technology's BMSPCB products match BYD, which has been mass-produced; Jingwang Electronics' BMSPCB products are being developed in the Ningde era.