Circuit board design process can be divided into the following four basic steps

⑴ circuit schematic design

Circuit diagram design is the use of Protel DXP to draw a schematic diagram of the schematic editor.

B generate a network report

Network reports that show circuit and link relations in the various components of the report, it is the design of connection circuit diagram and circuit board design (PCB design) in linking, circuit schematic network reports, you can quickly find links between components, so as to facilitate the later PCB design.

⑶ printed circuit board design

Printed circuit board design that we are commonly referred to as PCB design, it is the circuit diagram into its final form, this part of the design circuit schematic design have a greater degree of difficulty, we can use the powerful design features of Protel DXP to complete this part of the design.

D to generate printed circuit board reports

Printed circuit board design is completed, the need to generate a variety of reports, such as generating pin reports, Board reports, network status information reports, final print printed circuit diagram.