Common problems in PCB Design(5)

                                       Common problems in PCB Design (5)

       The electric stratum is also a welding pad and a line

        Because of the power supply that is designed to form a pad, the formation is the opposite of the image on the actual printed board, and all the wires are isolated lines, and this should be very clear to the designer. By the way, here, Caution should be taken in drawing several sets of power sources or isolating lines on some ground, not to leave gaps, to cause two sets of power sources to be short-circuited, or to cause the area of the connection to be blocked (to separate a group of sources of power from each other).

         The definition of processing level is not clear

         1.The single panel design in the TOP layer, such as not to explain the positive and negative, may be made of the board installed on the device and not good welding.

         2.For example, a four-layer board is designed with TOP mid1 mid2 bottom four layers, but is not placed in this order during processing, which requires explanation.

          Too many filling blocks in design or filling blocks filled with very thin lines

      1. There is the phenomenon that the light drawing data is lost, and the light drawing data is not complete.

          2, because the filling block is painted with one line and one line in the light drawing data processing, the amount of data generated is quite large, which increases the difficulty of data processing.