Control PCB cost, you need to check these four points

In PCB design, there are four main factors that affect the cost.

PCB layers:

Usually, with the same area, the more layers of PCB, the more expensive it is. The design engineer should use as few layers as possible to complete the PCB design while ensuring the design signal quality.

PCB size:

With a certain number of layers, the smaller the PCB, the lower the price. If the design engineer can reduce the size of PCB in PCB design without affecting the electrical performance, he can reduce the size reasonably and reduce the cost.

Difficulty of manufacture:

The main parameters affecting PCB manufacturing include minimum line width, minimum line spacing, minimum drilling hole, etc. If these parameters are set too small or the process capacity has reached the minimum limit of PCB factory, the PCB yield will be low and the production cost will increase. Therefore, in the process of PCB design, try to avoid challenging the limits of the factory, and set 20 reasonable line width and line spacing, drilling, etc. In the same way, the through hole can complete the design, and try not to use the blind buried hole of HDI, because the blind buried hole processing technology is much more difficult than the through hole, which will increase the production cost of PCB

PCB material:

PCB board classification is many, common paper-based printed circuit board, epoxy fiberglass printed circuit board composite substrate printed circuit board, special substrate printed circuit board metal substrate. There is a big difference in the processing of different materials, and the processing period of some special materials is also long. Therefore, in the design, try to choose the parity materials that can meet the design requirements and are common, such as the materials of RF4.