How to distinguish between the FFC connector and the FPC connector

In the field of connectors, FFC connectors and FPC connectors are often confusing. Although both are flexible cable connectors, there are some differences between FFC connectors and FPC connectors.  

      FFC connector and the FPC connector.jpg

     The FFC connector is flexible flat cable (Flexible Flat Cable) is a flexible printed circuit connector, FPC (Flexible Print Circuit). Speaking form the manufacturing of both, they are different ways of forming line.FPC is to use chemical etching method FCCL (flexible copper clad) processing route of different type double-sided and multilayer flexible circuit the structure of plate.FFC is on the middle insulating foil two layer on flat copper foil, the product is relatively simple, relatively thick. Strictly speaking, natural FFC is much cheaper, taking into account the cost of production, more and more enterprises prefer to use FFC like related design related information: FFC is a kind of connector PET insulation and ultra-thin flat tinned copper wire, new data cable, through high-tech automation equipment production line pressure together with a soft, random bending fold, thin thickness, small volume, simple connection, convenient disassembly, Easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI).