Double-Sided PCB (Carbon)

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Product Description

We are professional manufacturer in all kinds of PCB and PCBA in China. There are more than 400 employees. And the output is 12000sq. M/month. We have engaged in PCB Industry more than 10 years, passed UL and ISO certifications. The products are including single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer board (4-8 Layers), which are widely used in satellite, communication equipment, refrigerator& pos system, medical appliances and household appliances.

                                                      TECHNICAL PARAMETER
Layers:1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Base Material:FR-4, FR-2, XEM-1, CEM-3, XPC
Board Thickness:0.4-3.2mm
Surface Finish:HASL,PB-Free HASL, Immersion Gold(ENIG),Gold Finger(Chamfer),Plating Gold, OSP
Min Hole Size(Finished):0.2mm(8mil)
Min Line Width/Space:0.1/0.1mm(4/4mil)
Profile:Rout, Punch, Cut, V-Cut, Chamfer
Surface Coating:Solder mask, Character, Peelable, Carbor

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