Dual-probe flying probe test

Flying Probe Tester is not dependent on installation in the fixture or bracket pin pattern. Based on this system, two or more probes mounted on the x-y plane can move freely on the tiny head, test points directly controlled by the CADI Gerber data. Double probe in 4mil moves within the range of each other. Probe to move independently, and there is no real limit the extent of them close to each other. With two arms that can be moved back and forth-like instrument is based on the measurement of capacitance. Crushed in the circuit board on the insulating layer on a metal plate, another metal plate of the capacitor. If there is a short circuit between the lines, capacitors will be older than at a certain point. -Circuit breakers, capacitors will become smaller.

Test speed is to choose an important standard of measuring instrument. Bed tester to test thousands of test point precisely at a time, and flying probe tester can test only two or four measurement points. In addition, single-sided test bed testing instrument, may simply take 20-305, which depends on the Board depending on the complexity of, and flying probe Tester requires Ih or more time to complete the assessment. Shipley (1991) explains that even a high volume manufacturer of printed circuit boards that move of flying probe test technology and slow, but for lower-yield complex circuit board manufacturers is a good choice.