Features of electroplating process and PCB electroplating equipment

Printed circuit boards can form industrialized and large-scale production, mainly due to the patented formula of electroless copper plating and colloidal palladium formula introduced by some well-known companies in the 1960s. The printed circuit board through holes use chemical copper plating to lay a good foundation for its industrialization, large-scale production and automated production. It has also become one of the basic processes for making printed circuit boards accepted by various manufacturers.

    (1) Graphic plating method

    Copper-clad foil, drilling, deburring, surface finishing, weak corrosion, activation, electroless copper plating, full plate copper plating, etching plating pattern imaging, pattern copper plating, tin lead or nickel gold, removing corrosion Flux-etching-hot-melt-coating solder resist

    (2) Full plate plating method

    Copper-clad foil-drilling-deburring-surface-cleaning treatment-weak corrosion-activation-electroless copper plating-full copper plating-film or screen printing-etching-resist-coating-solder resist-hot air leveling Electroless nickel plating

    There are chemical copper plating processes in the above printed circuit board manufacturing process, and chemical copper plating is a very important link in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards. The feature of electroless copper plating is that the solution contains a complexing agent or a chelating agent. The reducing agent is formaldehyde.

    The complexing agent and formaldehyde in the electroless copper plating solution will bring harm to the environment and have great difficulties in wastewater treatment. In addition, the maintenance and management of electroless copper plating baths are also difficult. However, electroless copper plating is still a process that cannot be ignored in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

    Features of PCB printed circuit board automatic plating production line:

    1.Advanced design is suitable for the production and application of various circuit boards;

    2, can accurately control the addition of various potions, to achieve the maximum effect;

    3. Abundant work experience, together with a Chinese herbal medicine supplier, can provide an overall solution to meet customer requirements;

    4, the cathode swings at an included angle of 15 °, and the electroplating tank is equipped with a motor vibration device, which provides fine lines and small aperture plating quality;

    5, with a cathode floating frame to provide uniformity of plating;

    6, monthly output between 2,000 square meters to 30,000 square meters, can choose deep groove or money slot, anode is copper rod or titanium clad copper.