Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Excellent Signal Digital LCD Display FPC,Flex Circuits

  1. Strong signal quality

    2. The plated through holes make electrical connections between the two layers.

    3. High circuit density .

    4. Only 1/10 thickness of PCB

    5. Heat resisting.

    6. Light weight and small volume

    7. Improved reliability and impedance control

    8. Excellence electronic performance and dielectric property

    9. 3M double sided tape glue on the back of bonding pad.

    10. Immersion Nickel Gold and OSP surface treatment on the bonding pad and plug.


Main Products: Flex PCB (Flexible printed circuit), Rigid-Flex PCB and MCPCB.

Main Application:

Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Military, UAV,Intelligent robot and Mobile phone Telecommunications and electronic manufacturing industry.


1. More than 12 years manufacturing experience in FPC field.

2. Focus on FPC this only product.No PCB production line.

3. Near 12000 square meters production base.

4. Caple technical personelconsist of  some industry experts and elites who are working for more than 10 years in FPC field. 

5. Professional industry knowledge and innovatice ideas on technology improvement.

6. Continue to introduce many highly sophisticated production equipments and advanced technology.It is the complete equipment for FPC Manufacturing.

7. All manufacturing process is only made in our plant.

8. Through the professional training, our sales team could offer the clients with the quick answer to the technology question, and the most professional suggestion on the optimization of artwork design.

9. The aboved professional suggestion would help to better improve the project rationality and decrease the production cost, thereby providing with the best cost-effective process plan.

10. All the raw materials passed ROHS certification through SGS and flammability UL94 V-0,inculding FCCL and Polyimide Coverlay Film.

Only focus on FPC manufacturing,Professional FPC technology.

1. OEM services provided : Product and Package... 

2. Sample order is acceptable ,unlimited order quantity .

3. Response to your inquiry within 24 hours.

4. After sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. 

5. Professional sales team could answer any technical question at fastest speed and help you to solve any problem on design.

6. Supply the professional suggestion on design and usage.