Founder Technology's Founder PCB production and research support 5G, PCB industry ecological conference was successfully held

On November 14, 2019, under the guidance of China Electronic Circuit Industry Association and local government, the "PCB Industry Ecological Development Conference and Founder PCB 7th" sponsored by Founder PCB of Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Founder Technology) The Summit Forum was held in Zhuhai. The conference was held on the theme of “5G to open the future and open a new era”. Leaders from all levels of Zhuhai Municipal Government, representatives from Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Dell, VIVO, Amazon, etc., Panasonic, Shengyi, Lianmao, Taiwan Representatives of high-end materials manufacturers such as Yao, representatives of international equipment manufacturers such as Orbo, Baode, and experts and scholars from internationally renowned research institutions and research institutes gathered together to discuss the integration and development of the PCB industry chain in the 5G commercial era. .

Opening Ceremony of "PCB Industry Ecological Development Conference and Founder PCB 7th Summit Forum"

In-depth integration of industry, academia and research to promote scientific and technological achievements

In order to welcome the arrival of the 5G era and give full play to the advantages of the technology innovation system of production, education and research, at this conference, Peking University Founder Information Industry Group and Founder Technology of Founder Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Electronic Science and Technology to jointly promote the "Collaborative Innovation Joint Research Institute" The construction will help the introduction of talents and intellectual resources at home and abroad, and fully support the breakthrough of key technologies for printed circuits for 5G communication. At the same time, Founder PCB is the co-construction unit of Zhuhai Sub-division of the State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices. It will continue to contribute to building a deep integration platform for industry, academia and research, and jointly promote the local incubation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Founder PCB and Guangdong University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College, Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College also signed a cooperation agreement in the field of talent technical ability training.

All along, the integrated development model of production, study and research is the driving force behind Founder's PCB technology advancement. Since the cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2008, the two sides have achieved fruitful results in the fields of scientific and technological projects, personnel training, and platform construction. In 2014, the joint project of the “High-density Interconnect Hybrid Integrated Printed Circuit Board Key Technology and Industrialization” project won the “National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize”. The breakthrough and industrial application of this technology made China become a high-density mutual One of the countries that combines the core technologies of integrated printed circuits, printed composite electronic materials and integrated embedded devices. Up to now, Founder PCB and University of Electronic Science and Technology have jointly applied for 9 major provincial, municipal, and industry-level research projects, and jointly trained a number of postgraduate students. The jointly established “Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base” has also ushered in a number of PhDs for research. jobs. The signing of this strategy with the University of Electronic Science and Technology will help to further deepen the cooperative relationship between the two sides and promote the roots of the production, research and research.

At the same time, Founder PCB of Founder Technology and Peking University, Beijing Normal University and other institutions of higher learning also in the 5G product processing technology, new materials pre-research and development and other next-generation and more forward-term technology research and development and other areas of close cooperation.

Founder Xincai and Founder PCB and Electronic Science and Technology University signed a strategic cooperation agreement

5G drive "technology" and "quality" upgrade, PCB industry ready to go

The arrival of the 5G era, from the construction of communication networks to consumer terminals, to derivative applications such as car networking, Internet of Things, etc., will bring a lot of demand for PCB products. Correspondingly, 5G also puts more stringent requirements on the technical standards of PCB products. The 5G PCB has indicators in terms of signal integrity, functional integration, heat dissipation, operating frequency, multi-layering, and high density. Higher than 4G PCB.

Founder PCB of Founder Technology takes the 5G business as the core, and always focuses on customer needs, and believes that customers create value as their responsibility. Relying on independent technical research institutes, Founder PCB has established “5G New Materials Research Center”, “5G New Product Technology R&D Center” and “5G Signal Integrity Laboratory”, from high-frequency high-speed material evaluation, technology research and development, signal test analysis. The field is committed to providing customers with better 5G product solutions.

5G also raised the requirements for the quality of PCB products. In terms of tolerance control, the deviation of the signal line that originally allowed tens of micrometers will be compressed to a few ten micrometers or even several micrometers. In order to strengthen the precise control of the process, Founder PCB has set up a smart factory goal of building “management informationization”, “equipment automation”, “logistics automation” and “equipment interconnection big data” according to its own development strategy. In addition to the upcoming F7 intelligent factory, it is still exploring more possibilities for the intelligentization of the PCB industry and even the traditional manufacturing industry.


Founder PCB Zhuhai Industrial Park

In his speech, CPCA Secretary-General Zhang Wei affirmed that Fangzheng PCB, a subsidiary of Founder Technology, has played an active role in promoting industry exchanges and helping the industry to differentiate and high-end development. Faced with the 5G wave, she pointed out that 5G is the aorta of social information flow, the accelerator of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the new cornerstone for building a digital society. 5G will further break through the time and space restrictions of the connection between people, people and things, things and things, realize the concentrated convergence of people, things, capital and information, and coordinate efficiently, and constantly create new forms and new models with intelligence as the core.

With the development of 5G communication, the era of the Internet of Everything is ready to go, and the PCB, which is known as the mother of electronic products, has also ushered in a new era. Founder PCB of Founder Technology will continue to drive with technology and quality, adhere to the development model of production, education and research, and contribute to the advancement of the industry and industrial development.