FPC flex electronic circuit board related terms(Two)

9. Film Adhesive( adhesive film)

Refers to a dry flaky backing layer, which may contain a film of reinforcing fiber cloth, or a thin layer of reinforcing material only with an adhesive material, such as an adhesive layer of FPC.


10. Flexible Printed Circuit, FPC soft board

It is a special circuit board that can be changed in shape in a three-dimensional space when assembled downstream. The substrate is flexible polyamine (PI) or polyester (PE). This kind of soft board is also like a rigid board, which can be made of plated through holes or surface pads for through hole insertion or surface bonding. The board surface can also be attached with a soft cover layer for protection and soldering protection, or a soft solder mask green paint.


11, Flexural Failure

Due to the repeated bending and flexing action, the material (sheet) is broken or damaged, which is called Flexural Failure.


12, Kapton Polyimide

This is the trade name of DuPont's products. It is a kind of "polyimide" sheet-like insulating soft material. After attaching rolled copper foil or electroplated copper foil, it can be made into a soft board (FPC) substrate.


13, Membrane Switch

Using a transparent polyester (Mylar) film as a carrier, silver paste (SilverPastes or silver paste) is printed on a thick film line by a screen printing method, and then combined with a hollowed-out gasket to bond with a protruding panel or PCB to become a "touch" switch or keyboard, such small "button" devices, commonly used in hand-held calculators, electronic dictionaries, and some home appliance remote controls, are called "membrane switches."


14.Polyester Films

Referred to as PET sheet, the most common is DuPont's product MylarFilms, which is a material with good electrical resistance. In the circuit board industry, the transparent protective layer on the surface of the imaged dry film, and the coverlay on the surface of the soft board (FPC) are PET film, and it can also be used as the substrate of the silver film circuit (Membrane Circuit). In the electronics industry, it can also be used as a cable, a transformer, an insulating layer of a coil, or a tubular storage device for multiple ICs.


15.Polyimide (PI) polyamidamine

It is an excellent resin which is polymerized by Bismaleimide and Aromaticdiamine. It was first known as the Kerimid 601, a powdered resin product launched by the French company "Rhone-Poulenc". DuPont made it into a sheet called Kapton. This PI sheet is excellent in heat resistance and electrical resistance. It is an important raw material for soft board (FPC) and automatic tape winding (TAB). It is also an important sheet for advanced military hardboard and supercomputer motherboards. The translated name of the mainland is "polyindole."


16.Reel to Reel reel (disc) linkage operation

Some electronic component assemblies can be produced by reeling and reeling processes, such as TAB, IC's Lead Frame, and some soft boards (FPC), which can be retracted by tape convenience to complete its online automated work to save time and labor costs for one-piece work.