Global automotive PCB market demand decline

In the fourth quarter of last year, the US-China trade battlefield once extended to the auto market, impacting demand, and making the global auto electronics factory's order for autos to be conservative. This situation has not improved in the first quarter of this year. Practitioners believe that In the first half of the year, there will be a wave of price hikes.


The important reason for this situation is that after the US-China trade war broke out, the global auto market consumption tends to wait and see, the consumption of the car is tightening, and the electric car factories such as Tesla, such as Tesla, are experiencing large-scale expansion and price reduction. In addition, the original international automobile brand strongly emphasizes the determination to develop electric power, and it is even more important for consumers to choose between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, and even the purchases that originally had to change cars have also shrunk.


The demand for the auto plate market is tightening, and with the new capacity being opened, the relevant industry is pessimistic that the auto sheet market will repeat itself in the second half of 2017, such as a wave of price hikes in 2017.