Group line mode of SMT production system

The following is a general procedure for an SMT production line in which the presence or absence of a solder paste coating method, a soldering method, and a dispensing process differ depending on the method of the group line.

1. Printing: Print solder paste or paste glue on the pads of the PCB to prepare the soldering components. All equipment is the solder paste press at the forefront of the SMT line.

2. Dispensing: Drop the glue to a fixed position on the PCB. Its main function is to fix the component on the PCB when using wave soldering. The equipment used is a dispenser located at the forefront of the SMT line or behind the inspection equipment.

3. Arrangement: The surface mount component is accurately mounted at a fixed position on the PCB. The equipment used was a placement machine behind a solder paste printer located in the SMT line.

4. Patch curing: When using the patch adhesive, the iron sheet glue is cured, so that the surface-assembled components are firmly bonded to the PCB. The equipment used was a curing oven located behind the placement machine in the SMT line.

5. Reflow soldering: The solder paste melts so that the surface mount component and the PCB are firmly bonded together. The equipment used was a reflow oven. Located behind the placement machine at the SMT line.

6. Removal: Remove solder residue, such as flux, that is harmful to products on the human body or assembled PCB. The equipment used is a detergent and may not be fixed and may be online or not. This process is not used when using no-clean soldering technology.

7. Inspection: Check the quality and assembly quality of the assembled SMA (Surface Mount Assembly). The equipment used includes a magnifying glass, a microscope, an on-line tester (ICT), a first detector, a flying probe tester, an automated optical detector (AOI), an X-ray detector and a functional tester. Depending on the test needs, the unknown can be configured in the appropriate location on the production line.

8. Rework: Rework detected the faulty SMA. The tools used are electric irons, rework stations, etc. Configured anywhere on the production line.