How does a PCBA board achieve a simple water-based cleaning process?

The realization of water-based cleaning of electronic circuit boards is the current direction and safe and environmentally friendly operation mode, which is a technical requirement for realizing high reliability of electronic components in electronic processes. Typically, water-based cleaning requires the installation of complete facilities and processes throughout the production line to achieve a water-based cleaning process and quality assurance. For water-based cleaning, current equipment conditions and production cannot meet large-scale production. What should I do if I need a fully equipped equipment system, or even no resources to set up a water-based cleaning line?

The small batches, multi-variety and discontinuous orders of the production enterprises need to cooperate with the current safe and environmentally friendly clean operation mode to ensure the working environment and the physical and mental health of the personnel. Water-based cleaning can be achieved in several simple ways. Board meeting.

The water-based cleaning plate must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Since the characteristics of water-based cleaners are synergistic effects of dispersion and dissolution, chemical forces must be combined with appropriate physical forces to effectively remove PCBA board residues. And dirt.

For this feature requirement, a simple process can be set up for one flush plus two flushes, one rinse can be set to ultrasonic cleaning, and a heating system is required to maintain the temperature of the cleaner between 45 ° C and 50 ° C. Depending on the condition and requirements for the board on the dirt, the cleaning time is set between 5 minutes and 15 minutes and process conditions are set to ensure that the residue and dirt are completely removed. Also, set the second rinse. It is best to arrange two ultrasonic cleaning tanks. It can even be simplified into two water tanks. The compressed air tube is placed at the bottom of the tank. At the time of flushing, the compressed air is activated to allow the water to be driven by the bubbles. Flow, in order to achieve the rinsing function, it is necessary to rinse enough time and the cleanliness of deionized water, and rinse the water to replace the detergent on the PCBA circuit board to achieve the rinsing effect.