How much do you know about conformal coating of the circuit board?

Due to the different characteristics of the  conformal coating of the circuit board, the products that are targeted also have their own characteristics. The operation process is naturally diversified, but there are always some common points worthy of attention.

1, the coating operation temperature should be between 15 ° C - 30 ° C, the relative humidity can not be higher than 85%, the circuit board as a composite material, easy to get wet. In order to achieve sufficient protection, to prevent dull or whitish moisture absorption, the circuit board can be preheated and vacuum dried to remove most of the moisture.

2, generally contains flammable solvents, should avoid high temperature and open flame; generally has a slight irritating odor, the operating workshop should be adequately ventilated to facilitate solvent evaporation and rapid curing in the three anti-paint; avoid long-term inhalation of vapor and long-term skin Contact; the processed parts after curing are basically harmful to the human body, but the coating operation should pay attention to safety and protection, the environment should be ventilated, and employees should wear protective masks.

3. If a thicker coating is desired, it is best to obtain by applying two thinner coatings, and it is required to apply a second layer after the first coating has completely dried.

4. When coating on the circuit board, the connectors, sockets, switches, sensitive devices, board areas, etc. on the circuit board are generally not allowed to have coating materials, and the corresponding covering process must be used.

5, used brushes, spray guns and other utensils should be washed with special thinner in time for future use. It is recommended to use the special thinner produced by the model.

6, do not pour out the original packaging, so as not to pollute unused. Unused should be kept in a cool place for future use.

7, repair the already coated device, just need to solder the solder directly to the coating house to remove the component, then install new components, and then clean the area with a brush or special thinner; also available directly Clean, dry and reapply.