How to choose a qualified SMT processing factory?

The so-called qualified processing manufacturers are actually suitable processing plants. With the development of the processing industry, processing manufacturers abound, and the strength of each processing manufacturer is different, and the development status is also different. How to choose the right SMT processing factory correctly? The following conditions must be followed to select the appropriate processing manufacturer.

1, in line with the processing conditions, that is, can meet the processing conditions, this is the basic conditions for the selection of processing plants. There are many manufacturers that can reach working conditions, but the quality is uneven. Unsatisfactory processing quality means high failure rate, which will directly affect the performance of PCBA. Especially for high-demand electronic equipment, the quality of PCBA directly determines the life and performance of the equipment. This requires good SMT processing as the basis, and it also needs to choose a processing factory with good PCBA processing quality.

2. The range of acceptable prices. The processing prices of many processing plants vary, often due to the different working capacities of processing equipment and the profitable space. In other words, the higher the processing price, the better the processing quality, and the need to understand the working ability of the placement equipment, whether it is a high-end product. Knowing the price in light of the actual situation, you can also determine the price after proofing, and whether there is room for negotiation. In many cases, although the price difference is relatively small, after the batch is raised, the final processing cost will be greatly different.

3. The understanding of the processing cycle, whether the processing cycle is within the acceptable range, some factories have a three-day cycle; some factories have a one-week cycle. However, processing factories that focus on credibility and focus on service quality often meet the requirements of customers. How to arrange orders is also arranged according to actual conditions, and of course it is also conducive to the promotion of work. Therefore, when choosing an SMT processing plant, it is also a problem to be considered. After all, in the long-term cooperation process, sometimes some uncertain factors will occur, and the manufacturers that cooperate with each other are the trusted choices.

Regarding how to properly select qualified SMT processing manufacturers, you can choose according to the above several criteria. Of course, to achieve the cooperation of trusted manufacturers, we need a comprehensive understanding of many aspects.