How to deal with burrs on the surface of the board proofing board?

In many cases, the circuit board is damaged due to various reasons. This not only affects the quality of the product but also affects the speed of proofing the circuit board. What should be done if there is a burr on the surface of the circuit board?

Generally, there are several methods: pay attention to the quality of the pre-plated layer for complex shapes, and prevent the replacement of the copper layer; periodically add hydrogen peroxide, and stir vigorously when adding; test and ensure the concentration of sulfuric acid, thereby reducing the effect of copper powder; The anode with unqualified phosphorus content can not be used; the ratio of anode to cathode area should not be less than 1.5:1; the anode sleeve should not be too thick to prevent clogging (single layer polyester cloth is suitable); the contact between anode hook and pole bar should be good.