How to deal with FPC electroplating copper leakage?

In FPC electroplating gold, it often appears that copper leaks and part of the pad cannot be plated, the main reason is poor pre-treatment and the bottom copper is not clean, which results in the poor plating.


There are two main reasons for the poor pretreatment: one is the organic oil pollution in the bottom copper and the deep oxidation point, etc., the pretreatment (de-oiling, micro-etching) is insufficient, resulting in poor plating; the second is the existence of the cover film during the lamination process. Jumping rubber tape, glue point adhesion, conventional pre-treatment cannot be cleaned (de-oiling, micro-etching, grinding plate), there is glue pad adhesion on the surface of the terminal when the glue cannot be plated, resulting in plating copper leakage.


For the first case, check the concentration of the treated potion and the process time of the pre-treatment and it can be solved after adjustment. For the second case, if there is adhesion of glue, it needs to be treated with FPC special degumming agent MJ-81 cleaning agent and then electroplated. MJ-81 is specially developed for FPC material. It is environmentally friendly and highly efficient. It does not contain strong acid, strong alkali and toxic substances. It is easy to operate and does not affect the performance of FPC during the process time.