How to distinguish PCB design through hole cover oil and through hole window?

             Regarding the "perforated window" and "perforated cover oil" points (the use of PAD and VIA is different, many customers and design engineers often ask what this system means on the system. Which one should I choose? Option?

           Conductive holes, through the keyholes, the pad is particularly prone to several problems:

1. In the conversion process, problems arise due to poor design or the design engineer is not clear about the conversion gerber setting rules.

When you send a gerber file, the manufacturer cannot distinguish between which are vias and which are keyholes. The only thing that can be identified is that it is processed according to the file and has a window for the solder layer. Controversy: I want to cover the hole with oil and now open the window, which can cause a short circuit. When this problem occurs, you must check the file, because gerber is a movie file, the factory can't check if it is a conductive hole or a keyhole, check if the gerber file has a solder layer, and if so, turn it on. Window, if not, cover the oil.

2, the mat and the through hole are mixed to cause problems.

When the file is a pad or protel, send it to the factory and ask for the hole cover oil. Be careful, you must carefully check if the jack is also used for the through hole, otherwise the jack will also be green. , resulting in the inability to weld. Disputes: You must spray a hole in the top, how to cover the oil? In the same situation, you still have to check the file first, whether it's a print pad design or a design.

When the file is a pad or protel, it will be sent to the factory. The order must be a through-hole cap oil, but many customers use pads (plug holes) to indicate conductive holes, which causes the conductive holes to open. Maybe you want to pass the hole cover oil. At that time, you may be arguing: I want a conductive hole to cover the oil. Why are you opening the window? At this point, you should check that the file design is standardized.

3. How to design perforated cover oil in protel or mat?

There is a tent option in the via attribute of protel. If checked, it must be covered with oil. Then the outgoing gbrber files are covered by oil. In the pad, the file to cover the pad. Oil method: When the solder mask is printed, that is, the mask layer is soldered, it is only necessary to check the top of the solder mask - the vias below mean that all vias are open and the via cap oil is not checked.