How to improve the quality of SMT processing?

SMT processing technology is widely used in the electronics industry. The quality of SMT processing is related to the final molding effect of the product, and it is also a test of the strength of the enterprise. Improving the quality of SMT processing is the goal that every SMT factory is constantly pursuing. So how can the company improve the quality of SMT chip processing? Let's take a look at the Xinda technicians.


1. Selection of technicians

Establish a network of total quality (TQC) institutions within the company, make quality feedback in a timely and accurate manner, select the quality of personnel as a quality inspector of the production line, and still manage the quality department administratively, so as to avoid other factors interfering with quality judgment.


2. Ensure the accuracy of equipment testing and maintenance

Product inspection and maintenance are carried out through necessary equipment and instruments, such as multimeters, anti-static wrists, soldering irons, ICTs, etc. Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself will directly affect the quality of production. It is necessary to check and measure in time to ensure the reliability of the instrument.

3. Quality process control point settings

In order to ensure the normal operation of the SMT chip processing, it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of each process to monitor its operating status. Therefore, it is especially important to set quality control points after some key processes so that quality problems in previous processes can be discovered and corrected in time to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.


4. Develop rules and regulations on quality

The quality department shall formulate the necessary rules and regulations on quality and the work responsibility system of the department. Provisions should be made to limit quality accidents that humans can avoid. Rewards and penalties are clearly defined, and quality assessment is done through economic means. Monthly quality awards are established within the company.


5. Implement management measures

Quality management, in addition to the process of strictly controlling the quality of production, the components or externally processed components are sent to the factory. Before the storage, the inspector's sampling (or comprehensive inspection), the qualified rate is not up to the national standard and should be returned. Measures and records the results of the inspection in writing.