How to maintain the circuit board to extend its service life

                                How to maintain the circuit board to extend its service life

          PCB circuit board is based on the insulation board, cut into a certain size, with at least one conductive figure attached to it, and has holes (such as element holes, fastening holes, metallization holes, etc.). Used to replace the chassis of electronic components in the past, and to realize the interconnection of electronic components. Nowadays, PCB circuit board has been developed from single layer to double panel, multilayer board and flexible board, and continuously to high precision. With the development of high density and high reliability, its application is more and more extensive.

          Knowledge of PCB Circuit Board maintenance

         A.Annual maintenance knowledge:

        1. Clean up the dust on the circuit board.

        2. The capacitance of electrolytic capacitor in circuit board should be checked. If the capacity of electrolytic capacitor is less than 20 of nominal capacity, it should be replaced, and the life of general electrolytic capacitor should be replaced in about ten years. To ensure the performance of pcb circuit board.

       3. For the high power devices coated with heat dissipation silicon grease, check whether there is dry solid in the heat dissipation silicon grease, and apply the new heat dissipation silicon grease after removing the dry solid heat dissipation silicon grease for the dry solid device. In order to prevent high power components in the circuit board due to poor heat dissipation and burn out.

       B. Seasonal maintenance:

       1. Clean up the dust on the circuit board every quarter, use the special cleaning liquid for the circuit board to clean, after cleaning the dust above, blow the board dry with a hair dryer.                                                                               2. Observe whether the electronic components in the circuit have the trace of high temperature, the electrolytic capacitance does not bulge and leak, if any, it should be replaced.