How to shorten the PCBA delivery period?

PCBA delivery is a very important issue for customers. The shorter the delivery time, the easier it is to help customers open up the market as quickly as possible. So how do we communicate with PCBA processing vendors to reduce PCBA delivery? Next, Xinda Xing from Shenzhen will analyze for you:

Components of PCBA delivery:

1. The delivery time of PCB light board is relatively stable, and the delivery time of PCB board of four layers and below is generally about one week;

2. component procurement delivery time span is very large, if they are all spot materials, can be completed within one week. If you need to place an order, it takes two to three weeks, but it takes a few months.

3. PCBA assembly test delivery time is relatively stable, usually one or two weeks after the completion of the board.

As can be seen from the above description, the key to affecting the delivery of PCBA is the procurement lead time of the components.

How to shorten the procurement cycle of components?

In the context of the Sino-US trade war, the price of electronic components has risen sharply, and certain types of components are difficult to purchase. This greatly increases the difficulty of PCBA procurement. On the one hand, it must control the cost of procurement. It is also necessary to purchase materials as soon as possible, especially for imported materials that need to be purchased from abroad, usually for one to two months or longer.

PCBA circuit board

After ordering, customers want to get the product as soon as possible, so in order to avoid this, we must first consider whether alternative materials can be found. If we can find alternative materials and can buy inventory immediately, this is the best way to solve the problem. If the material cannot be replaced, then we need to estimate and order in advance, the time to purchase the material is greatly reduced, and the material takes one or two months. Previously, one or two will be received within one week before the order is prepared, which will greatly shorten the delivery time of the entire PCBA.