I will tell you if the PCB price will be increased

PCB manufacturers collectively raise prices by 20%-30%: the industry accelerates the reshuffle of small enterprises facing the tide of closure

Smartphones are currently the largest consumer electronics products in terms of shipments, with the price increase of components affecting the entire industry chain. The most typical one is the memory chip and the capacitor. The price increase trend of the two has not been interrupted. The most expensive ones are the Taiwanese companies. Whether it is a memory chip or a capacitor, there has been news recently that the price increases. The trend will be eased, and then Taiwanese companies will immediately clarify that the price increase will continue!

For example, on July 17, the head of China National Giants said that MLCC would fall 10%. Unexpectedly, on the 18th, Guoju immediately issued a clarification announcement stating that MLCC price rumors were loose, indicating that MLCC supply and demand were unbalanced, and there was no sign of loosening prices. The industry outlook remains optimistic. Not only did the national giant rebut this news, in addition, including some agents and traders, the same incentives to refute! When the price increase becomes a means of making huge profits, the rebellion caused by the unfavorable news of the market can be imagined!

It is reported that the industry said that the price increase started from the agent last year, and this year it only rose to the EMS factory. In general, most of the passive component factory's supply was divided by EMS factory, China mobile phone brand factory, and Apple and other manufacturers. Occupy 80%, the agent is only part of the spot accounted for only 20%, the ratio gap is very different, which is the main reason for the MLCC factory price increase effect this year, EMS supply is insufficient, to the spot market to sweep the goods, resulting in spot prices Rising, pushing up the proportion of agents in passive factories.

In addition to MLCC, recently, there is news that PCB manufacturers have started to raise prices collectively, and the price increase will reach 20-30%. From the current time point of view, the electronic industry in the second half of the year is undoubtedly better than the first half. In the off-season, many companies are starting to prepare for the second half of the year. At this time, the price increase will undoubtedly have a very bad impact on the industry.