Improving method of perforation in PCB dry Film

                                        Improving method of perforation in PCB dry Film

    With the rapid development of electronic industry, PCB wiring is becoming more and more precise, most PCB manufacturers use dry film to complete the graphics transfer, the use of dry film is becoming more and more popular, but in the process of after-sales service ,still encounter a lot of customers in the use of dry film produce a lot of misunderstanding.Summary now, in order to learn from it.

    Hole breaking in dry film mask

        Many customers think, broken hole, should increase the film temperature and pressure, to enhance the binding force, in fact, this view is not correct, because of high temperature and pressure, resist the excessive solvent volatilization, the dry film brittle thin, easily break through the hole development, we should always keep dry film toughness, so the broken hole, we can from the following improvements:

1.Reduce the temperature and pressure of the film.

2.Improvement of drilling burr.

3.Increase exposure energy.

4.Reduce development pressure.

5.After sticking the film, the time of stopping should not be too long, so as not to cause the semi-fluid film of the corner to diffuse thinning under the action of pressure.

6.Dry film should not be stretched too tight during film sticking.