Inspection conditions for PCBA boards

Inspection conditions for PCBA boards

1. In order to prevent contamination of parts or components, gloves or finger sleeves with full EOS/ESD protection function and wearing electrostatic rings must be selected. The light source is a white fluorescent lamp. The light intensity must be above 100 Lux and visible within 10 seconds.

2.Test method: place the object about 40 cm from two eyes, up and down about 45 o. check with visual or triple magnifying glass.

3.Inspection criteria: (sampling according to QS9000 C0 AQL0 0. 4% sampling level; if customer has special requirements, according to customer acceptance criteria)

4.Sampling plan: MIL-STD-105E LEVEL Ⅱ normal single sampling.

5.Criteria for determination: severe shortcomings CRAQL 0% 

6.The main drawback is MAAQL 0.4% 

7.Minor disadvantage / MIAQL 0.65%