Judging the quality of PCB from PCB color

PCB buyers are always confused about the color of the PCB and do not know what color PCB board is of high quality. Today we will explain how the color of the PCB affects its performance.

First, the PCB is used as a printed circuit board to provide interconnection between electronic components. Color is not directly related to performance. The difference in pigment does not affect the electrical properties. Whether the performance of the PCB is good or bad depends on the materials used (high Q), wiring design and multilayer boards. However, black is most likely to cause chromatic aberration during the cleaning of the PCB. If the raw materials and manufacturing processes used in the PCB factory are slightly deviated, the PCB defect rate will increase due to chromatic aberration. This directly leads to an increase in production costs.

In fact, PCB raw materials are ubiquitous in our daily lives, namely fiberglass and resin. The glass fiber is bonded to the resin and hardened into an insulating, insulating and less flexible sheet. This is the PCB substrate. Of course, a PCB substrate composed of glass fiber and resin cannot transmit signals. Therefore, on the PCB substrate, the manufacturer will cover the surface with a layer of copper, so the PCB substrate can also be called a copper-clad substrate.

Since the circuit traces of black PCBs are difficult to identify, it is difficult to repair and debug during the development and after-sales phases. Often, black PCBs will not be easy to use without a strong RD (R&D) designer and a strong maintenance team. It can be said that the use of black PCB is the brand's confidence in the RD design and post-maintenance team. From the side, it is also a reflection of the confidence of the manufacturer.

For these reasons, major manufacturers will carefully consider PCB design when selecting products. Therefore, most of the products sold in the market in the past are red PCBs, green PCBs or blue PCBs. Only black PCBs can be seen in high-end or top flagship products, so customers should not think of black. PCB is better than green PCB.