Let PCB Layout engineer meet some Allegro actual combat skills

1. Allegro encapsulates origin modification

2. After opening the dra file, open setup-change drawing origin in the menu bar

Enter a new reference point in the command bar if you want to change the new coordinate position to 1,2. Input x, 1, 2

pcb layout

2. Allegro encapsulates pin number modification

1) open the dra file in find off all and then just click text

2) click the welding pad to be modified

3) edit-text menu bar

4) popup window can be modified

3. Allegro alignment operations

In placement edit mode, select the component and right click to align.

4, Allegro line center skills

After double-clicking the two pins, the direct routing will be centered.


5. Allegro quickly deletes a dangling line

The route, Gloss, the parameters

The pop-up options window at the line smoothing task, then ok, and then a gloss to smooth out the dangling line.

6. Import and export of Allegro color Settings

File ->export->paremeter, select color

Import: file - > import - > paremete


7. Allegro primary color transparency setting

The display - > see colour/visibility - > display - > OpenGL - > Global transparency - > transparent

8, Allegro how to close the shop copper (copper)shape display

 PCB display

Allegro shape's default display mode is through the menu "Setup" -> "User Preferences..." , and then select "shape_fill" under "Display" in the pop-up "User Preferences Editor" User configuration window, and check the corresponding option to realize the function of disabling copper Display or displaying copper border.


9. Allegro quickly hides power/ground network flywire (mouse wire)

Cadence Allegro menu bar "edit-> Net Properties..." , the "Allegro Constraint Manager" dialog box pops up, and it switches to the "Properties" TAB. We search the corresponding network under the node "net-> General Properties", such as "GND, vcc-3v", and set it to "On" in the corresponding "Not Rat" column to hide the corresponding fly line. To unhide, select Clear.

10. Holes are added when Allegro wiring

1) make simple setting before placing through hole.

In the menu bar setup-> Constraints->physical


In the list that comes out, find vias and click to bring up a dialog box. In the dialog box, select the desired hole. (for more types, enter v* in the filter below.)

Select the hole and close it.

Of course, there are many constraints set here, such as how much line width corresponds to how much hole.

2) used holes:

Double - click the left button when wiring to add a hole, or right - click.

pcb printed circuit board