Overview of CCL Inspection Technology

First, CCL detection technology

As a technology, CCL testing should include the following.

1. Directly for the detection of the nature of production and use of services, such as the physical and chemical parameters of a certain characteristic of the semi-finished product and the finished product. The detection of the performance parameters of the semi-finished products of copper clad laminates has been introduced in the previous chapters. This chapter only describes the detection of finished product performance.

2. By testing the relationship between the structure of the research material, the manufacturing process, the environment, and the performance of the product, determine the law of variation.

3. Research and test new equipment, new methods, new technologies, and continuously improve the level of detection technology.


Second, introduction to the quality characteristics of copper clad laminates

The quality characteristics of CCL are the natural attributes that it can meet the needs of users. In summary, there are some of the following quality characteristics:


1. Electrical characteristics such as high insulation of the substrate, excellent dielectric properties, resistance to electric corrosion, electric field strength, good conductivity of copper foil, etc.;

2. Mechanical properties such as the adhesion of copper foil to the substrate, the mechanical strength of the copper clad (such as bending, punching characteristics), dimensional stability, etc.;

3. Chemical properties such as the flammability, heat resistance, weldability, glass transition temperature, coefficient of linear expansion, etc. of the copper clad laminate;

4. Environmental resistance characteristics such as toxicity, water absorption, retort resistance, etc.;

5. General properties such as physical properties such as appearance and size.


Some of the quality characteristics of the product can be directly quantified, such as most of the electrical and mechanical properties of the copper clad plate; and some are directly quantified by the meta-method, in which case some indirect quantitative representations, such as heat resistance, are used. Commonly used copper clad laminates are tested for electrical and mechanical properties after a certain period of time, after a certain temperature or a certain special environment test.


Third, CCL testing technology and product standards

The CCL product standard is an important standard in the CCL technical standards. It is to define the technical indicators of each item in the quality characteristic index system for the mutual comparability within a certain range, and stipulates the methods for testing these items, the testing conditions, the measuring instruments and test methods of equipment, tools, sampling, sample preparation, etc. . Therefore, the product standard is the basis for testing the copper clad laminate. Without the standard, there is no test. To execute the product standard without compromise is the professional ethics of the test personnel.