PCB Function Tests and Services

Visual inspection after SMD process

Each SMT line has a QC staff to check the quality of the assembled SMD welds. This step is a visual inspection, where you can verify that there are any missing or incorrect parts by checking the BOM list.

2. AOI test (X-ray test of BGA package)

Automatic optical measuring instrument VCTAB486 positioning accuracy <0.15mm moving speed: 700mm / s measurable minimum component: 0201 measurable Pcb range: 25 * 25mm-340 * 480mm

As the primary test technology for PCB assembly, AOI is designed to quickly and accurately check for errors or defects in the PCB assembly process, ensuring that high quality PCB components are free of defects after leaving the assembly line. AOI can be applied to bare PCB and PCB assembly. However, in XD, it is mainly used to inspect SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly lines and to test bare boards, but to use nail beds and flying probes.

3. Free function test.

100% to ensure quality, we perform functional tests for our customers free of charge, free test fixtures and free program burning. Test methods are usually provided by the customer; however, if the customer is unable to provide it, our engineers will also design test methods for the board.

4. Final visual inspection

We provide PCBA testing to our customers to meet their different project and application needs.