PCB photo -imaging process

What is the PCB photo-imaging process? Many people are not very understanding of this process, to give you a brief introduction to what is the PCB photo-imaging process. The PCB photo-imaging process is a method for exposing a photo-resist coated on a substrate of a printed board to change the hardness, adhesion, solubility, and physical properties of the photo-resist and then developing the image.

There are two main categories of photo-resists for photochemical image transfer in printed board manufacturing. One type is photo-resist dry film (abbreviated as dry film), and its product is a type of photomontage photosensitive ink; the other is It is a liquid photo-resist, which in turn includes a common liquid photo-resist and an electrode-posited liquid photo-resist (referred to as ED resist for short). The ED resist is a water-based emulsion. Photo-resist is the cornerstone of the modern printed circuit industry. Photo-resist dry film has the characteristics of simple process flow, low requirement for cleanliness and easy operation. Since its inception, it has quickly been welcomed by printed circuit companies. After several improvements and developments, it has now become the mainstream product in the photo-imaging process of printed circuit manufacturing. Before the appearance of photo-resist dry film, liquid photo-resist was an important material for imaging technology at that time. Due to the fact that the thickness is not easily controlled in the application, the operation speed is slow, and the defects of the board surface due to the cleanliness and processing of the process environment limit its use. After the film was introduced, it was once replaced by the dry film process. However, in recent years, with the development of electronic products in the direction of thinness, smallness and density, the pressure on printed circuit companies has decreased, the emergence of new high-resolution liquid photo-resists, and the development of liquid photo-resists. The coating equipment of the agent has the ability of continuous large-scale production, so that it has regained its development in the field of printed circuit photo-imaging.


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