Power supply and ground handling

Even if the wiring of the entire PCB board is intact, due to the inconsistency caused by the power supply and the ground line,

Will degrade the performance of the product, and sometimes even affect the success rate of the product. Therefore, wire and ground should be taken seriously

Wait until the noise interference caused by the wires and ground wire is minimized to ensure product quality.

For each engineer engaged in the design of electronic products, the cause of noise between the ground and the power line is known.

Only describe reducing noise suppression:

It is known to add a decoupling capacitor between the power supply and ground.

Try to widen the power and ground line width. The ground wire is better than the power line. Their relationship is: ground wire > power line > signal

Line, usually the signal line width is: 0.2~0.3mm, the thinnest width can reach 0.05~0.07mm, and the power line is 1.2~2.5mm

For the PCB of a digital circuit, a wide ground line can be used to form a loop, that is, a grounding net is used (the analog circuit cannot

with this method)

Use large areas of copper as ground and connect unused areas on the printed circuit board as ground to the ground.

Multilayer board, power supply, ground line each layer