Printed Circuit Board Circuit Membrane Switch Rigid PCB

Basic Info

  • Material: Printed Circuit Board

  • Quality: Top Quality

  • Touch Feeling: Excellent Touch Feeling

  • Specification: RoHs, SGS

  • HS Code: 84798990

  • Structure: Double-Sided Rigid PCB

  • Production Process: Subtractive Process

  • Environmental Friendly: Raw Material Pass RoHS, SGS Test

Product Description

Printed Circuit Board Circuit Membrane Switch Rigid PCB:

1. Artificial intelligence
2. Pipe anti-freezing
3. Temperature control
4. Water up timing
5. Display water temperature and water level
6. Specializing in development and manufacturing of PCB and PCBA
7. IPC-A-160 standard
8. Complicated boards and components are also available
9. Uses advanced production and testing equipment, including:
A. Film AOI
B. RoHS testing equipment
C. Automatic wave soldering system
D. Circumfluence soldering systems
E. Position System: Servo motor
F. Mechanical transmission precision guide+ ball screw mechanical drive transmission system
G. Toptech AOI Verification
H. LED cold light concentrating highlighted systems
10. PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly and function test
11. Lead-free technology SMT process
12. OEM and ODM orders are welcomeCommonly used in conductive ink on the membrane switch and related key issues

Screen printed conductive layer of conductive material, usually silver screen in the film surface more ink and carbon ink. Commonly used in membrane switch on the conductive ink are:
    1, silver ink: ink dedicated to the United States Ai Qisen membrane switch conductive silver ED427SS and ED478SS, their resistance was less than 0.1Ω /  and 0.025Ω / , for the anti-silver color, to improve the wear resistance of printed layers , so it can ED427SS mixed with ED423SS any use.
    2, carbon ink: dedicated switch on the film is ED4233SS, ED725A, they were square resistance <50Ω /  and <0.017Ω /  conductive ink Features:
    3, screen printing of silver, carbon ink printing prepress and post-process operation requirements:
    A, silver and carbon ink screen lid open after the former asked to mix, and to stir up and down, or silver ink can appear in the same screen at different stages of imprinting of resistance and conductivity are different, and sometimes also affect the adhesion with the film.
    B, the correct screen printing operation, the silver carbon ink must stop a moment in the film, so that solvents were wet sheet and then into the oven, drying required to ensure adhesion with the film.
    C, in order to achieve accurate screen printing of silver conductive ink, the printing is completed at three levels generally dry, ie low, medium temperature, prescribed temperature, and to dry, if the resistance deviation from the requirements should be subject to dry, until the parties meet resistance silver ink design requirement.
    D, resistance should be square resistance Ω /  pick test, because the line-side resistance is not printed line width and thickness into account, so line resistance is not the silver and carbon ink standard resistance.
    E, on the silver screen printing ink has not completed this silver ink, can not return to the original tank, the tank should be the other into the net, the next first used to ensure the life of original silver ink tank.
    F, screen printing of silver, carbon ink, due to its characteristic relations, printing should choose soft squeegee, use the thick layer of coarse mesh, large opening, light edge. Implementation of ink light and heavy ink printing complex principles.
    4, insulating ink selection and major technical indicators: a membrane switch lead protective insulation ink, should the election with the conductive ink and film sheet of insulation to match ink, which is their adhesion is of great help in the membrane switch, the regular use Aiqi Sen's ED-452SS UV curing inks, color blue or colorless and transparent, the insulation is 2400VAC/MIL. The insulating ink technical parameters:

    A, should be fully mixed before use
    B, according to the required insulation properties, select the mesh screen for the 160-300 mesh,
    C, light-curing energy control 300-600MI/CM2
    D, screen printing ED452SS take 3-5 minutes after the UV curing, help to achieve better quality results.
    These are only the membrane switch manufacturing process in the use of materials, screen printing technology has made some major shows In fact, the production of membrane switch will encounter such as sheets of the electrostatic elimination , decorative ink color Bianhua problem and silk screen printing place and the environment, cleaning and so on will affect the quality of screen printing. Therefore, the need to screen at the right adjustments and with the whole process of web Plates Xuanze, ink the Texingxuanyong, Jiao scraping the hardness, scratch Yinjiao Duo of control and scraping the five screen printing Sudu set Deng Bian Liang, Bidingkuaizhi was excellent membrane switch products.