Process Capability for PCB

Number of layers 1~10 layers The number of layers refers to the number of electrical layers in the PCB (the number of layers of copper). At present, Gao Entai Electronics only accepts 1~10 layers.

Sheet Type FR-4 Sheet Type: cardboard, semi-glass, full glass (FR-4), aluminum substrate, currently only accept FR-4 sheet. As shown on the right

Maximum size 1200mm* 510mm The size of the cutting board is 1200mm* 510mm, which usually allows the customer's PCB design size to be within 380mm * 380mm, subject to document review.

Dimensional accuracy ±0.15mm Board shape tolerance ±0.15mm.

Plate thickness range 0.3~3.0mm At present, Gao Entai Electronics produces plate thickness: 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0 .2.4/3.0mm.

Plate thickness tolerance (T ≥ 1.0mm) ± 10% For example, plate thickness T = 1.6mm, physical plate thickness is 1.44mm (T-1.6 × 10%) ~ 1.76mm (T + 1.6 × 10%).

Plate thickness tolerance (T<1.0mm) ±0.1mm For example, the plate thickness is T=0.8mm, and the physical plate thickness is 0.7mm (T-0.1)~0.9mm (T+0.1).

Minimum line width 4 mil Line width is greater than 4 mils and no less than 4 mils. As shown on the right

Minimum clearance 4 mil The gap is as large as 4 mils and the minimum is not less than 4 mils. As shown on the right

The outer copper thickness of the finished product is 1oz~2oz (35um~70um). The thickness of the outer copper foil of the conventional circuit board is 1oz, and the maximum thickness can be 2oz (required for the note). As shown on the right

Finished inner copper thickness 0.5oz (17um) The inner copper foil line thickness of the board is uniformly 0.5oz. As shown on the right

Drilling hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.25~6.3mm Minimum hole diameter 0.25mm, maximum hole diameter 6.3mm, if the factory is larger than 6.3mm, it should be handled separately. The mechanical drill has a specification of 0.05 mm as the first step, such as 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.35 mm, 0.4 mm... As shown on the right

Through-hole single-sided soldering ring ≥6mil If the conductive hole or the insert hole is too small, but there is enough space there, it does not limit the size of the single side of the solder ring; if there is not enough space and there is For dense wiring, the minimum single-sided welding ring must not be less than 6 mils. As shown on the right

Aperture tolerance (machine drill) ±0.08mm The tolerance of the drill hole is ±0.08mm, for example, a hole designed to be 0.6mm, and the finished hole diameter of the physical plate is acceptable from 0.52 to 0.68mm.

Solder mask type photosensitive ink Our commonly used photosensitive inks are: green oil, white oil, blue oil, red oil, butter, black oil (if customers need dumb green, matte black, or special inks, we must work with our company. Determined as shown on the right

The minimum character width is 6mil characters. The minimum width is less than 6mil. The physical board may cause unclear characters for design reasons. As shown on the right

Minimum character height ≥1mm The minimum height of the character. If it is less than 1mm, the physical board may cause unclear characters due to design reasons. As shown on the right

Trace and shape spacing ≥0.3mm When the slab is shipped, the distance between the line layer and the board outline line is not less than 0.3mm; the V-cut board is shipped, and the distance from the V-cut center line should not be less than 0.4mm.

Jigsaw: no gap jigsaw 0mm gap jigsaw The gap between the board and the board is 0mm. Click for larger image 

Jigsaw: There is a gap jigsaw 2.0mm gap jigsaw The gap between the gap impositions should not be less than 2.0mm, otherwise it is more difficult to rub the edges. Click for larger image 

Drawing in the Pads software Using the Outline line If there are more non-metallized slots on the board, use the outline drawing.

Open the window in the Protel/dxp software. Solder layer A few engineers misplaced the paste layer and did not process the paste layer.

Protel/AD outline layer with Keepout layer or mechanical layer Please note: one file only allows one shape layer to exist. Never allow two shape layers to exist at the same time. Please delete the unused shape layer, ie: Keepout layer when drawing shape or Only one of the mechanical layers can be selected. As shown on the right

Half hole process minimum aperture 0.6mm Half hole process is a special process with a minimum hole diameter of not less than 0.6mm.

The solder mask opens the window. 0.1mm Soldering is the usual green oil. Currently, the solder bridge is not used.