Rigid Flex Printed Circuits Boards

Rigid flexible circuit boards have been used primarily in the aerospace and military industries for nearly 30 years. Rigid circuit flexible boards are typically composed of a plurality of internal flexible circuit layers that are laminated together by an epoxy prepreg film. A rigid flexible circuit board integrates the advantages of a rigid board and a flexible circuit into one board. The two-in-one PCB is interconnected by plated holes. Rigid flexible boards provide higher connection density and better installation space. When rigid boards are used in conjunction with flexible boards, the rigid and flexible design options are complex, and XD provides you with a reliable quality of conventional and special rigid flexible boards.

XD rigid flexible PCB features and benefits

Thanks to the strong network of the best rigid flexible PCB manufacturers, XD offers our customers a rigid flexible combination board with a wide range of technologies, from complex multi-layer rigid flexible boards for commercial applications to highly reliable mil-format printing. Circuit board.

Apply 3D to minimize space requirements

By eliminating the need for connectors and cables between the various rigid components, board size and overall system weight can be reduced.By maximizing space, the number of components is usually small.Reduced solder joints ensure higher connection reliability.The handling during assembly is easier than with flexible boards.

Simplified PCB assembly process.

The integrated ZIF contacts provide a simple, modular interface to the system environment.Testconditions are simplified. Complete testing before installation is possible.The use of flexiblerigid panels can significantly reduce logistics and assembly costs.The complexity of the mechanical design can be increased, which also increases the freedom of the optimized housing solution.

XD highlights rigid flexible PCB manufacturing capabilities

As a leading manufacturer of flexible PCBs for ISO 9001, we have the flexibility and rigidity of flexible PCBs that other companies cannot compete with. As your flexible circuit supplier. Work with our flexible PCB design and engineering services team to help you determine the best technology for your project. We also offer extremely fast prototyping services for fast turn flexible circuits. Check out our complete flexibility and rigidity - flexible features or contact us for more information.

We also offer flexible and rigid - flexible PCB assembly services that reduce your supplier count, production delays and quality issues. From individual components to complex box construction, Flex PCB enables component procurement, assembly and testing.