Rogers High Frequency ENIG/HASL Pcb Board Assembly

PCBA is named Printed circuit board + components+assembly. PCBA with high quality needs high temperature performance, weather resistance, electrical insulation properties and excellent moisture, mildew, salt spray, anti-corrosion,electrical insulation, anti-leakage performance. Xinda can totally satisfy you.

Let me show you the application of the Xinda PCBA?

1. Wide range of applications

PCB assembly for Military

Health care pcba

Medical equipment pcba

Pcbs pcba for Household appliances

Industrial controller pcb boards mounting

And so on

2. Xinda PCBA capacity:

Layer:1-30 layer

Material: CME1,CME3,FR-4, High TG FR4 , Halogen-free FR4 , aluminium ,Ceramic(96% Alumina)Teflon,PTFE(F4B,F4BK), Rogers(4003,4350,5880)Taconic(TLX-8,TLX-9), Arlon(35N,85N)etc.

Surface Finishing: HASL, Lead free HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver. Plated gold,OSP,Carbon ink

AcceptableFileFormat:ALLGerberFiles,POWERPCB,PROTEL,PADS2000,CAD,AUTOCAD,ORCAD,P-CAD,CAM-350,CAM2000 etc.

Solder mask: Green, red, bule, yellow, black, white etc

Rigid Tolerance:Shape tolerance:±0.13

Hole tolerance:PTH:±0.076 NPTH:±0.05

Flexible Tolerance:Shape tolerance:±0.13

Hole tolerance:PTH:±0.076 NPTH:±0.05

3. PCBA factory capacity:

3.1 Our team: 

We have over 10 years rich experience in PCB/PCBA. And our engineers team and purchase team have over 8 years PCBA experience. Then we could provide you the best Assembly and mounting service. Sure. Our PCBA components must be from new and original suppliers. We can guarantee his quality.

3.2 Our technical:

X-ray ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test)  technology;

Nitrogen gas reflow soldering  technology for SMT;

High standard SMT&Solder Assembly line

And so on

3.3 Our certifications:

We have ISO9001 certification and UL, TS16949 certification.