Six tips for choosing PCB components

1. Consider the choice of component footprint

The footprint includes the electrical pad connections and mechanical dimensions (X, Y, and Z) of the component, that is the outline of the component body and the pins that connect the PCB.

 2. Use a good grounding method

Make sure the design has enough bypass capacitor and ground plane. When using an integrated circuit, be sure to use a suitable decoupling capacitor near the power supply to ground (preferably ground plane). The appropriate capacity of the capacitor depends on the specific application, capacitor technology and operating frequency. The electromagnetic compatibility and susceptibility of the circuit can be optimized when the bypass capacitor is placed between the power and ground pins and placed close to the correct IC pin.

3.Assign virtual component footprint

Print a bill of materials (BOM) to check the virtual components. Virtual components are not footprint and will not be transferred to the layout phase. Create a bill of materials and look at all the virtual components in the design. The only entries should be the power and ground signals, as they are considered virtual components and are only processed in the schematic environment and are not passed to the layout design. Unless used for simulation purposes, components displayed in the virtual portion should be replaced with components with packages.

4.Make sure you have complete BOM

Check the BOM. After the bill of materials report has been created, please check incomplete device, supplier or manufacturer information in all component entries.

5. Sort by component label

To help sort and view the bill of materials, make sure the component labels are numbered consecutively.

6. Check the extra gates

 In general, all redundant gate inputs should have a signal connection to prevent the input from floating. Make sure you check all the extra or missing gates and that all the unconnected inputs are fully connected.


 PCB components must choose a regular component manufacturer. Because the quality is guaranteed, and the life will be longer than others. This way PCBA is guaranteed.