Smart wear drives the demand for rigid-flex boards on the market

The rigid-flex board is a combination of a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board, and is formed by a press-bonding process and the like according to the relevant process requirements to form a circuit board having FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics. It can be used in some products with special requirements. It has a certain flexible area and a certain rigid area, which is of great help to save product internal space, reduce finished product volume and improve product performance. Therefore, the soft and hard bonding board is mainly used in consumer electronic products, and the market scale is further increased.

   Smart glasses, which can add calendars, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and expand video calls by voice or action, will become a mobile product like a smartphone. The smart watch can view the individual situation in real time and give corresponding recommended measures. Smart clothing can not only read the heartbeat, body temperature and respiratory frequency of the human body, but also interconnect with smart home and smart medical, allowing individuals to move in the most suitable environment. Smart jewellery will be an innovation of “technology changes fashion”. By using the replasticity of materials, you can change the shape and color of jewellery as you like, so that jewelry is not repetitive every day.

   A wide variety of wearable electronics have sprung up, leading a new round of growth in the consumer electronics market. The data shows that the wearable market will show significant growth from 2016 to 2020. By 2021, global wearable device shipments will reach 252.3 million units, and the market for wearable devices is huge. Wearable electronics continue to heat up, directly driving the growth of the soft and hard board market.

   Although the soft and hard board is sought after by global manufacturers, it is not a simple matter to pick up its victory. The main reason is that there are many production processes, the production is difficult, the yield is low, and the materials and manpower are more. Therefore, the price is relatively expensive and the production cycle is relatively long. For domestic circuit board manufacturers, the soft and hard board will become another new blue sea after HDI and FPC.