SMT Process Introduction

SMT Technology introduction

Surfaced Mounting Technology(SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology. It compresses traditional electronic components into a device that is only a few tenth of the size of a device, thus achieving high density and high reliability of electronic product assembly,miniaturization,low cost and automation of production. This miniaturized component is called: SMY device(Or SMC,chip device).The process of assembling components onto a print(or other substrate) is referred to as the SMT process.Related assembly equipment is called SMT equipment.

At present, advanced electronic products, especially computer and communication electronic products,have generally adopted SMT technology. In the word, the output of SMD devices has been increasing year by year. Therefore, with the passage of advances, SMT technology will become more and more and popular.


SMT process and equipment:

<1> Basic steps:

The SMT process has three basic operating steps: coating, mounting, and soldering.


-Coating is the application of solder paste(or curing glue) onto a PCB board. Coating related equipment is: Printing machine, point cream machine.

-The coating related equipment is a printing machine, spot cream machine.


-Mounting is mounting SMD devices onto a PCB board.

-Related equipment placement machine

Reflow soldering

-Reflow heats the component board to melt the solder paste and achieve electrical connection between the device and the PCB board pad.

-Related equipment:reflow ovens

<2> Other steps:

There are other steps in the SMT assembly process: cleaning, inspection and repair(there processs steps are also used in the traditional wave crest process).

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