Surface Mount PCB Assembly Services

All-inclusive PCB surface mount manufacturing services

The surface mount pcb component is one of XD PCBA's most popular services for customers. Our customers choose this service because of its valuable advantages, such as high product quality and durability, as well as reduced process and processing costs.

XD PCBA is not only considered a qualified PCB manufacturing company; we are also well known for PCB surface mount manufacturing capabilities. The XD PCB team has the necessary knowledge and experience in manufacturing and assembling SMT designs.

XD PCBA SMT PCB assembly features include:

At XD PCBA, we utilize the latest SMT technology, which allows us to undertake projects that require low, medium and high production runs. Our team has the expertise to create single or double sided PCBs and multiple layers for advanced applications. We can easily execute all SMT production processes:

Our SMT PCB assembly services include:








Designed according to your requirements

screen printing

Pick and place



Cutting board

Product and subassembly


Packaging and transportation

At XD PCBA, our SMT features include, but are not limited to, single and double panels, fine pitch components, BGA and micro BGA layouts. The continuous flow assembly process is used to handle throughput while maintaining high quality. This also allows us to provide board delivery during an expedited turnaround time.