Talking about the difference between fpc board and integrated circuit

We usually need to use fpc boards to reduce the size of electronic products, develop high-density and miniaturized electronic products, and products such as Minsheng Electric. What is the difference between fpc boards and integrated circuits on the market? Let consumers differentiate between the two to get a more efficient product at the time of purchase? And look at the following analysis:

FPC board

Difference 1: Structural differences

The fpc board is mainly made by surface treatment such as lines and figures, and then the two or more lines are electrically connected to each other through the through holes, and the surface treatment can be sprayed with tin or gold; then the integrated circuit is a kind of microelectronics which can be interconnected by a certain process. The components required in the circuit. The lack of integrated circuits makes the entire electronics unusable.

Difference 2: Different characteristics

The fpc board is a high-density product that effectively reduces the size of electronic products. The combination of soft and hard can compensate for the insufficiency of component carrying capacity to a certain extent, making our existing electronic products more and more lightweight; the main reason is the low cost, which is convenient for manufacturers to carry out large-scale production. The density of assembled electronic devices is thousands of times the density of transistors.

Difference 3: Differences in use

The affordable fpc board is the board we usually see. It can print and solder chips on the board. Of course, many applications also need to use it, which is with us. Integrated circuits are used in electronic products. The motherboard chip is mainly chip integration, lacking integrated circuits, then the electronic products will not function properly.

The above is the difference between the fpc board and the integrated circuit. When we understand the difference between the two, we can buy more clearly, and each person's role is the company's main purpose. If consumers want to buy fpc boards, they can go to the relevant malls to find the recommended fpc boards, so they can get high quality fpc boards in various products to get more returns.