Talking about the factors affecting the quality of SMT processing and Mounting

In SMT chip processing, the placement quality of components is very important, which affects the stability of product use. The main factors affecting the placement quality in SMT chip processing are as follows:


1. The component must be correct

In the processing of the chip, the type, type, nominal value and polarity of each component requiring the component number meet the requirements of the assembly drawing and a detailed list of products, and the wrong position cannot be posted.


2. The location should be accurate


(1) The ends or pins of the components should be aligned as far as possible and the solder joints of the components should be in contact with the solder paste pattern accurately;


(2) The placement of components must meet the process requirements.

3. The pressure (patch height) should be appropriate

The patch pressure is equivalent to the z-axis height of the nozzle, and its height should be appropriate. The pressure of the chip is too small, the lead of the soldering end or component floats on the surface of the solder paste, the solder paste cannot adhere to the component, and the positional movement is likely to occur during the transfer and reflow soldering process. In addition, because the Z-axis height is too high, the assembly is thrown from the height during processing of the patch, which causes the patch position to shift. If the pressure of the patch is too large, the amount of solder paste is too large, which may cause the solder paste to adhere and easily cause bridging during soldering. At the same time, the position of the patch may be displaced due to sliding, and in severe cases the component may be damaged.