Talking about the requirements of SMT surface mount on SMD components

There are two types of components used in SMT surface mount technology: surface mount components and surface mount devices.


Surface mount components mainly include:cylindrical patch component, rectangular patch component, composite patch component, profiled component, and the so on.


Surface mount devices mainly include: SMD semiconductor devices such as diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. In the circuit design, in addition to the same performance specifications of the traditional electronic components for the patch components, more and stricter requirements are needed, including the following:


1.size standards. The dimensional accuracy of SMT chip components should match the dimensional accuracy of surface mount technology and surface mount structures to allow for interchange or replace.


2. Shape standard. Easy to position and suitable for automated assembly.


3. The mechanical strength meets the process requirements of the assembly technology and the performance requirements of the assembled structure.


4. electrical performance in line with standardization requirements, repeatability and stability.


5. The heat resistance of the material in the chip component should be able to withstand the temperature shock of the soldering process.


6.the surface chemical properties can withstand the washing of organic solutions.


7. The external structure is suitable for braiding and packaging, and the model or parameters are easy to identify.


8. The location and material properties of the external lead end are conducive to automatic welding process.