The advantages and disadvantages of PCB surface treatment

Classification :(tin spraying)/ lead-free tin spraying, organic soldering film, gold melting, selective gold plating, electroplating, silver melting, tin melting.

1. Price: > Electroplating gold > selective gold plating> tin > Immersion gold > silver > osp.hasl.

2. HASL advantages: good soldering capability and easy storage.Disadvantages: poor leveling of tin surface, non - environmental materials.

3. Advantages of OSP: the skin film can be quickly removed by dilute acid or flux before welding, and the bare copper surface can still show good soldering tin property in an instant, which can protect the copper surface from external influence and oxygenation.Weakness: cannot resist high temperature acid test.

4. Advantages of Immersion gold: ENIG is becoming an important way of PCB delivery. Its low surface contact resistance and high weldability of flat welding surface are unmatched by HASL OSP.Disadvantages: high liquid medicine price, uncontrollable chemical characteristics, high product scrap rate, etc., are all factors that hinder the development of ENIG.

5. Advantages of selective gold plating (alloying +OSP) : it has both advantages of alloying and OSP.Disadvantages: the gold surface is prone to blacken the nickel layer due to the holes and holes.

6. Advantages of electroplating gold: bright and dazzling appearance, good linear conduction, corrosion resistance, uniform color distribution, durable color retention.Cons: expensive.

7. Advantages of silver: anti-magnetic, anti-interference and stability, good heat and heat dissipation resistance, environmental protection and beauty, which can delay the aging time.Weakness: on exterior inspection standard condition is more strict.

8. Advantages of tin: it can reduce the IMC growth of tin copper alloy and the oxidation reactivity of PCB, and improve the stability of temperature storage.Disadvantages: poor corrosion resistance to welding, easy to produce tin.

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