The advantages of laser marking in the PCB industry

Laser marking is a very advanced marking technique. By focusing laser engraving techniques, the characters and patterns that need to be marked are engraved on the surface of the object. Compared with traditional printing technology, laser marking has the characteristics of good quality, high consistency, strong wear resistance, high efficiency, cost saving, safety and reliability, and is widely used in the PCB industry.

Market demand under the advancement of science and technology

With the rapid development of the IT industry, smart phones, wearable electronics and other products continue to become thinner and lighter, and consumers are increasingly demanding electronic products. It is also necessary to improve the production of PCBs. In order to realize the quality control of the PCB production process, it is possible to trace the character marks, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes and other information on the PCB board, which has become a trend of development in the industry.

Compared to traditional printing techniques, laser marking technology has many advantages:

1. Good quality and strong wear resistance. The surface of the PCB is clear and beautiful. It can be marked with a variety of LOGO, patterns, QR codes, text and graphics directly engraved on the material, and wear resistance is more prominent;

2. High processing accuracy. The laser beam emitted by the laser is focused to a minimum spot diameter of 10 um (UV laser), which is very useful when dealing with complex graphics and precision machining;

3. High efficiency, simple operation and low cost. Users only need to set parameters on the computer to mark directly, the surface mark of the material can be completed in a few seconds to ten seconds.

4. Lossless mark. Laser marking uses non-contact processing, the laser head does not need to touch the surface of the material, so there is no need to consider material damage;


5. Wide range of use, safe and environmentally friendly. Various thin metal/non-metal materials can be marked;

6. The equipment has stable performance and long service life. With the development of technology, the service life of lasers has greatly increased, and the service life of equipment has also increased greatly.