The difference of gold plating and immersion gold

What is gold plating: the entire gold plate. Generally referred to as [electroplated gold] [electroplated nickel plate], [electrolyzed gold], [electric gold], [electric nickel plate], soft gold and hard gold (usually used as a gold finger). The principle is to dissolve nickel and gold (usually called gold salt) in a chemical bath, immerse the board in the plating bath, and apply a current on the copper foil surface of the board to form nickel-gold plating, and electroplating - nickel gold coating Flooring. High hardness, wear resistance and non-oxidation properties are widely used in electronic product names.


What is Immersion gold: A coating is formed by chemical redox reaction, usually thicker. It is a chemical nickel-gold layer deposition method that can reach a thick gold layer, commonly referred to as immersion gold.


The difference between gold plating and Immersion gold:


1. The crystal structure formed by gold and gold plating is different. The thickness of gold is much thicker than the thickness of gold plating. Gold is golden yellow and yellower than gold plating. Customers are more satisfied.


2. The crystal structure formed by gold and gold plating is different. Dip gold plating is easier to weld than gold plating and does not cause poor soldering and customer complaints. The stress of the immersion gold plate is easier to control and is more conducive to the bonding process of the bonded product. At the same time, because the god gold is softer than gold plating, the gold plate is not wearable.


3. There is only nickel gold on the immersion gold plate. Signal transmission in the skin effect is not affected by signals in the copper layer.

4. Compared with gold plating, immersion gold has a denser crystal structure and is not easily oxidized.


As the wiring becomes denser, the line width and spacing reach 3-4 MIL. Gold plating is easy to short-circuit in the gold wire. There is only nickel gold on the gold plate, so there is no gold wire short circuit.


6. The immersion gold plate has only nickel gold on the pad, so the solder on the wire is more firmly bonded to the copper layer. The project does not affect the spacing when making compensation.


7. Generally used for the board is relatively high, flatness is good, generally using gold immersion, after the sinking gold generally does not appear black mat phenomenon. The flatness and standby life of the immersion gold plate are as good as the gold plate.