The Features of FPC Laser Cutting

The laser has three main functions in the manufacturing process of the flexible circuit board: FPC exterior cutting, cover film opening, drilling, etc.


Its more convenient and quick, and can greatly shorten the delivery cycle directly according to CAD data for laser cutting. It does not increase the difficulty of processing due to complex shapes and tortuous paths.


When the cover film is opened, the edge of the cut cover film is neat, smooth and free from burrs. The use of molds and other machining methods to open the window will inevitably lead to burrs and spilled glue near the window. Such burrs and glues are difficult to remove after being laminated on the bonding pads and will directly affect the subsequent plating quality.


It often results in the change of the cover film window when processing flexible plate samples due to the customer's need to modify the line and pad positions, and even the conventional method requires the replacement or modification of the mold. With laser processing, this problem can be solved, because you only need to import the modified CAD data, and you can quickly and easily process the cover film you want to open the window, and you will win the market competition opportunities in terms of time and cost.


High precision laser processing is an ideal tool for flexible circuit board forming processing. The focused laser can process the material into any shape. In the past mass production, many small parts were formed by pressing using a mechanically hard stamped mold. However, the large consumption and long lead time of the hard molds are impractical and costly for the processing and forming of small parts.