The Materials of PCB and FPC

  The Materials of PCB and FPC


1.High temperature  Class A F H to  waterproof fr4 g10 epoxy glass fiber board  


2.Fire Resistance: UL94 V-0


3.Good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerances


4.Low water absorption, has good moisture resistance and good dielectric properties


5.Stable electrical insulating properties, good electrical performance in dry or wet conditions


6.High mechanical strength, good processability.Punching,Drilling, Machining and Cutting is available


7.Complete specifications, sufficient stock to meet the different needs of customers, map processing is also accepted

Application area

Requirements for high performance electrical insulation products, such as FPC Stiffener, PCB drilling plate, glass

 meson, carbon film printing glass fiberboard potentiometer, precision planetary gears (grinding chips), precision 

test plates, electrical (electrical ) equipment insulation stays partitions, insulation pads, transformer insulation boards, electrical insulation parts, grinding gears, electronic switch insulation boards.

Empty FR4 PCB 

It is a kind of copper foil covered laminated board formed through heat pressing after the electric industry alkali-free glass fiber dips into thermoset epoxy resins and is covered with copper foil at one side or both sides. Usually used in PCB with printed circuit on one or both sides of computers, home electric appliances and other lines.