The method of quickly detecting the trouble problem of PCB Board

            The method of quickly detecting the trouble problem of PCB Board

    The production of PCB is not difficult,but the difficult is to make a fault check after the completion of the production.The common problems of PCB circuit board are not few, except the design of circuit board, the damage of electronic components, the short circuit of circuit, the quality of components and the breakage of PCB circuit board.

    check PCB board 1.png

        Damaged diode ring color resistance

        Common PCB circuit board failures are mainly concentrated on components, such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET, etc. However, the method of judging the fault of these components can be observed through the eyes. There are obvious burning marks on the surface of the electronic components which are obviously damaged. Like this kind of fault, it can be solved directly by replacing the problem components with new ones.

        Of course, not all damage to electronic components can be observed with the naked eye, such as the resistance, capacitance, transistor, etc., which in some cases cannot be seen from the surface, and need to be repaired by professional inspection tools. The commonly used inspection uses include: multimeter, capacitance meter, etc., when detecting a certain electronic component voltage or current is not within the normal range, it is indicated that the component or the former component has problems, and directly replace and check to see if it is normal.

        PCB problem check 2.png


       A circuit board with no appearance damage and no trouble detection

       If the components are broken, they can be detected with either eye observation or instrumentation, but sometimes when we give the components on the PCB board, there is no problem with the detection. But the circuit board doesn't work properly. A lot of novices get nowhere when they encounter this kind of problem. They can only make a new board or buy a board. In fact, when it comes to this kind of situation, most of the time the components are in the process of installation. Due to the coordination of components and components, the performance may be unstable.

       Circuit circuit block partition

       In this situation, the instrument can no longer help, can try to determine the range of possible fault based on current and voltage, minimize, experienced engineers may be able to quickly determine the fault area, The only way to do that is to try to replace the suspect component until I find the faulty component. Last year, my laptop motherboard flooded. In the process of repairing the master, he also encountered the failure of the detection, and replaced the three components during the repair process, namely, the power supply chip, the diode and USB charging components (that is, the blue socket of the notebook). When the device is shut down, the equipment can be charged, and finally, a short circuit of a component next to the Nanqiao chip can be determined by means of a wave detection and checking to replace the suspected chip.

    PCB problem check 3.png

        Circuit board flying line

        All of the above are actually problems with electronic components. Of course, since the PCB circuit board is the foothold of the components, then the circuit board failure must also exist. The simplest example is the dead tin plating part, because of the manufacturing process. In the process of PCB corrosion, breakage may occur. In this case, if the wire can not be repaired, it can only be solved by using fine copper wire.